Multi-purpose interface for the ZX Spectrum
MULTIFACE 128 comprises three functions in one box:

  1. Fully universal and 100% automatic SAVE facility for tape, microdrive, Discovery, Disciple & Beta
  2. 8k RAM extension - useable as a buffer, etc.
  3. MULTI TOOLKIT extension to study/modify/develop programs.


Ensure that the power supply is disconnected before attaching or removing MULTIFACE, MULTIFACE plugs Check all connections carefully before attaching the power supply and switching the Spectrum on. If these points aren't observed, serious damage may occur and your guarantee will be void. A proper attachment is vital for the functioning of the MULTIFACE. If pressing the button produces random coloured squares or other garbage, clean the edge connector contacts and push MULTIFACE the furthest possible onto the connector. If your system and the MULTIFACE should still not work, disconnect power supply, remove any add-ons except MULTIFACE, read all the instructions and try again. If unsuccessful please ring 01-6259463 or 01-200 8870 or write to us. If really necessary, we will ask you to send the MULTIFACE to us. In such case please use original packaging, state your name, address, phone, and describe the problem & the whole equipment used. Please note any repairs are carried free of charge only if your guarantee was registered (see conditions).


MULTIFACE works on any Spectrum in any mode. It can be activated anytime; it is immaterial what program is inside the Spectrum at that moment or how & what from it was loaded. MULTIFACE does not save programs, but computer contents (compressed RAM image). To use it:
  1. Push the red button to activate MULTIFACE 128
  2. Select function by pressing the relevant key (inversely printed) of the displayed command
In most cases - except for tape back-ups saved at hyper speed - MULTIFACE 128 needs not to be attached to re-load programs it saved. The only limitation if absent is a distortion in the top part of the screen which is usually restored during running of program. A screen is always saved as part of program to allow you to run programs without MULTIFACE 128 attached.

You must not infringe copyright when using MULTIFACE and if in any doubt, consult the copyright owner(s).


MULTIFACE has a software switch making it invisible. It can prevent possible clashes with other hardware/ software. It is also vital to enable load programs saved with any version of MULTIFACE ONE, as they all can load when MULTIFACE is absent - or switched OFF. As a rule, MULTIFACE 128 can always be activated, no matter if previously set ON or OFF. Upon powering up the MULTIFACE is automatically OFF - thus loading a program saved by MULTIFACE will leave a corrupted screen and hyper tape back-ups will not load at all. To switch MULTIFACE ON, just press its red button, which both activates the MULTIFACE & switches it on. Upon _returning the MULTIFACE will remain on. You can switch it OFF by pressing o when you are in the main MULTIFACE menu - o toggles between ON/OFF, as shown.

MULTIFACE has 8K ROM for its own software and 8K RAM as a buffer. You can use the RAM for your own m/c or data, but not for BASIC. The RAM must be paged to be accessed. Paging must be done in m/code. IN & OUT in BASIC can't be used. The 8K RAM overshadows Spectrum ROM - thus anything contained in M128 RAM can't make calls to anything in the ROM, as they both occupy the same area. Any m/c routine to be RUN in M128 RAM must be totally self-contained and independent on the Spectrum ROM. You can in fact make ROM calls if you jump out of M128 RAM into Spectrum RAM, page the M128 RAM/ROM off, call a Spectrum ROM routine, page the M128 ROM/RAM and jump back to your M128 routine. There are other ways & possibilities, but all in all the use of M128 RAM requires fair knowledge of m/c.


This guarantee is in addition to and does not in any way affect any statutory or other rights of consumer purchasers. ROMANTIC ROBOT UK LTD guarantee that if within 6 months from the day of supply the MULTIFACE 128 proves to be defective by reason of faulty design, workmanship or materials it will be repaired or replaced free of charge provided:
  1. The purchaser shall within 10 days complete the detachable slip and send it us for registration.
  2. MULTIFACE 128 has not been in any way misused, nor used with unsuitable equipment nor subjected to deliberate, accidental or consequential damage.
  3. No modifications, repairs or adjustments were made to the MULTIFACE 128.
The purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this guarantee is for repair or replacement of MULTIFACE. No other remedy, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature shall be available to the purchaser. Date: 17th Sep. 1997